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Harry Winston Harry Winston Glissiere Tourbillon 350/MATRL 169655
Harry Winston Harry Winston Glissiere Tourbillon

表壳材质: 粉红金; 加载: 手动; 条件: 全新 套件状态: 带盒子和保修; 款式: Glissiere Tourbillon 价格 一经请求 Gmtbroker 参考: 350/MATRL Harry Winston HW Glissiere Tourbillon, Skeleton Dial, Limited Edition to 25 Pieces - Rose Gold on Strap Harry Winston redefines the luxury wristwatch as a mechanical artwork A rectangular case frames a tableau of precision mechanics, recalling the wheels, sliding pistons and rails of a steam locomotive. “Whether it’s with diamonds or mechanisms, Harry Winston’s purpose is to create a work of art,” explains Mr Chatti. “That means we always do it differently, because there is no art without originality.” The most apparent difference is the winding system: on one side, two sliding blocks of platinum with toothed racks that directly engage the winding ratchet; on the other side, stylized wings that crank up the ratchet via pinions. The steam-age power-reserve indicator along the bottom underlines the linear configuration of the movement. The flying tourbillon animates the endless locomotion through time in precise jumps of six degrees of arc. Its diamond endstone (Harry Winston oblige) proclaims a D-flawless finish throughout: the rails for the sliding weights are so smooth that oil would create friction. Manual winding and trime-setting system, direct drive through the back of the watch to the barrel arbor and under-dial work respectively This mechanical installation can be viewed from unusual angles — through lateral windows in the upper and lower case-band. Also u

物品: Harry Winston Harry Winston Glissiere Tourbillon